Education of the future….or are we kidding ourselves?

It is always surprising to me to find out that there are academic institutions that have not fully embraced online learning. Or maybe the surprise is that online learning is seen as the “cash cow” that will support the rest of the institution, yet no additional funds are allocated to technology or development. Or, even worse, that creating an online course is a one-and-done effort.

I am very lucky to have entered academia right at the time when technology was just becoming useful in the classroom. Beyond PowerPoint, that is! My background in the graphic arts back then gave me a bit of an edge in that I could easily develop HTML pages and translate my experiences with software (My “first” career began with Photoshop version 1) to the new (at the time) learning management systems.

But I have to step back and think: has technology and online learning truly been the catalyst we think it has? This is one of the questions that I will be exploring over the course of this year. Please join in, leave me a comment, or share some resources. 2015 might just be the tipping point we have been waiting for!

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